About us

It all started when we wanted to go as a family for a holiday. We looked at a few kennels recommended to leave our dog "Buddy" a great dane and were shocked at what we saw. Dark, dingy cramped and damp cages in one , pets let loose or tied in open terraces where the only shade was under the over head tank. The more so called kennels we visited the more disillusion we became and finally were forced to cancel our holiday. That's when we decided to start a Kennel which would care for your pets with a few comforts and luxuries thrown in. The Hotel for dogs took shape and now owners can leave their pets assured that their pets will be under good care and would enjoy its stay.

About our kennels

Our kennels at Hotel for Dogs were furnished according to everything a dog needs! Like our property, our kennels are spacious to accomodate guests of any size. Our kennels are cleaned constantly and each dog gets their own private kennel utmost comfort. The dogs get ample play time through the day and interact in a safe space with other furry guests. Our highly trained and animal-loving staff keep your dogs happy and comfortable through the duration of their stay with us. They stay on the premises so that your pooch is never left lonely. We ensure that we update you about your pets regularly with pictures, videos or even a video call if it's suitable! Hygiene is top priority at Hotel for Dogs. Our customers are checked for ticks and infections before admission. The dogs are given a bath once every five days to make sure they return to you clean and glowing. Only vaccinated dogs are accepted at the hotel. Stay tuned to our social media pages and keep a lookout for your pet feature!

Our business hours

All Days

6am - 6pm